Why You Should Never Use or Have Vinyl Products in Your Home

Why You Should Never Use or Have Vinyl Products in Your Home

Did you know that vinyl is simply a form of plastic?  You see vinyl everywhere these days - on cups, mugs, artwork, etc. but did you know that despite its wide use, vinyl is a highly-toxic plastic that has been linked to many illnesses and is responsible for an abundance of environmental pollution. These vinyl types come in a range of colors and often include embellishments such as glitter to enhance their look. Unfortunately, these appealing qualities for vinyl in crafting have a devastating effect on the environment.

Not only do vinyl creations cause an ENORMOUS amount of waste that cannot be recycled in any form, the toxins from vinyl live FOREVER.  From the manufacturing process to the use and disposal of vinyl, it puts off a toxic chemical known as dioxin, which is easily absorbed by the body.

It is also absorbed by animals so humans not only absorb this chemical through contact but as well as through the food we eat.  


Dioxin is nothing to play with.  It has been linked to several illnesses including the reproductive system and immune systems.  Because it has been proven to cause cancer in lab animals the World Health Organization has classified it as a human carcinogen (cancer causing agent).  

The other hazard to vinyl is phthalates (long word that simply means it helps to create transparency, durability, flexibility and longevity in vinyl).  Of course, all of these characteristics make it attractive - but it is really worth it?  

If your baby is chewing on a t-shirt that is made with vinyl, do you really want him/her swallowing toxins from the vinyl?  What about those pretty wall hangings that are made from cut vinyl.... they look harmless but will also put off the toxic chemical, dioxin.